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Our brand-new rack is coming out. We show our products' photos to let you see our basic type, the style is not fixed yet, just for your reference. Very welcome to offer your ideas, designs, drawings or photos, we can according to your requirements to make & sell.


1. Frame made by Aluminum , it's light, good-looking, anti-rust.

2. By very short pitch design, you can easily adjust boards' height.

3. Well design & organize by very easily change parts' materials for indoors or outdoors, thus ModelChange is easy.

4. Display L -shape, T -shape, H -shape, etc that can resist earthquakes.
  Racks' good extension is very convenient.

「 Bye-Bye! ~ “Fixed Parts” of Anti-Collapse 」

5. The transportation charge and keeping cost can be decreased by K/D way ( Assembled Way ).

6. Easy to assemble & change styles.

7. Useful & various applications: can become closet, cabinet, table, computer desk, screen rack, display rack… as you wish!

Designer's concept:

Our living space isn't increased, but goods are increased gradually. If we don't consider how to manage 「 Storage 」 , we are unable to have a comfortable life. In order to have extra space, we extend up high. If the space extends up high, it's dangerous when earthquakes happen. Therefore, we changed to extend depth space instead, but it caused our living space became narrow.

Space's Magician! ~ Use space efficiently by our new racks!

Our products' materials are thin, high, light, strong which are soft for safety consideration that based on above all possibilities to shape & create our rack. Welcome your OEM offers with different specification.

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